Tis the Season

Well, it’s been quite awhile–close to a year since my last entry. (I hope no one was holding their breath, ’cause that would be a lot on my conscience.) I’m back and it’s time to go forward! So much has happened, I’m not even sure I could catch you up on it all, but in short, I:

  • Found my soul mate
  • Moved to St. Thomas (US Virgin Island) and experienced life there for almost 6 months
    • Got the best tan I’ve had since I was a little kid
    • Learned how to swim better than I ever have
    • There is cock fighting there
    • There is no recycling
  • Developed a Partner’s Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop CHECK IT OUT
  • Hit 9 states in 2 weeks on a road trip
  • Moved back to NYC
  • Continue to grow my work in the field of wellness
  • Loved meeting so many new people as well as spending time with old friends and family


Now, back to the present moment (it’s the only way to live) and the topic at hand.

Tis the Season

Have you stopped recently and pondered your feelings about the holiday season? There is so much going on at this time of year, that’s it easy to get sucked into the same old holiday scheme–decorations, obligations, buying presents, questioning the proper salutation (Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays), fighting fights like “keeping Christ in Christmas”, upholding traditions, etc. If these things bring you joy, then by all means, go forth and celebrate and share the joy! But for many, these things lead to unrealistic expectations, hurt feelings, stress to get everything done, pressure to make things perfect, and debt!

It’s time to pause and check it out for yourself.

  • What’s it about for you? QUICK: what are the first things that come to mind about the holidays?!
  • Are you under so much pressure that you end up not even being able to enjoy yourself? (FYI No one is getting holiday bonus points for being a martyr.)
  • Are you spending more than you can afford on gifts for people? (Remember, it was only two generations ago–my Grandparent’s time–when kids who got an orange in their stocking rejoiced!)
  • Do you feel stressed having to continue family traditions that may have been outgrown? Some traditions have run their course!

Sit for a moment now, with your eyes closed and allow images from the holiday season to pass before you. Which ones bring a smile to your face and which ones cause anxiety? Consider these cliche’ phrases (they’re only cliche’ because they’re true!):

Tis better to give than to receive

The best things in life aren’t things

Become AWARE this holiday season and mindfully execute your tasks with love in your heart, because you want to do them, not out of obligation or expectation. Some traditions are meant to be outgrown–leaving something behind that no longer serves you can make way for a brand new tradition! Celebrate in your own way, showing kindness and generosity to others. If you do give presents, get creative. When shopping (always within your budget) remember the local artisans in your community and avoid large chain stores. This keeps money in your city or state and jobs and livelihoods for friends. They put a lot of love into the objects they craft and you have no idea under what conditions your products were made in on the other side of the world. Consider gift certificates for things to do in town like a yoga class, a massage, or dinner at a local restaurant. Above all, spend time with friends and family and give thanks. Steep yourself in gratitude and help others do the same

Show love. Be kind. Feel the joy all year long.



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