And finally, I begin…


Hello there! I’m countygalcitygal. I wanted “naturegirl” but that domain name was already taken. My friends know me as Holland. I feel that I have a lot to say. I suppose that’s why the a person would start a blog. I want this to be a place where I can write and share things I am passionate about, things that can help change the world,  and things I am making (ie canned low sugar stevia peach jam, homemade bath bombs, etc). I imagine that I may be playing catch up for several posts on things that I’ve wanted to share over the past few months but had not yet started my blog but the eventual plan to post the cool things I do as they occur. After a two year adventure back in my hometown in Arkansas, I will be flying back to my other home, New York City, so it’s anyone’s guess what my blog will turn into then. It will be about my life in the city but my life is always about getting back to my roots, or back to nature, or however you want to word it. I will be figuring out how to get the most local produce I can and learning how to make my own organic protein bars while enjoying all the city has to offer (that I can afford). I plan for the fall to be a spiritual journey. I will get some kind of work to keep me afloat, but mostly I will be focusing on yoga. I will attend teacher training at Yoga to the People Oct-Dec and I can’t wait to delve in and attempt to truly live the lifestyle of a yogini (in NYC). I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. I will teach you what I learn and look forward to learning from you as well. Namaste’

Moving on

On another note, I had all day off today! I sat outside in a lawn chair and read a book I found amongst my Grandmother’s things (She passed on this past May) I literally read this book in two days and I highly recommend it. “Getting Lucky” by Susan Marino. She is the founder of Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice in Long Island. It seems this book is being retired but there are still some copies on Amazon or you can write Susan and request one. The book tells the story of how the hospice was created (she converted her home and has 50-200 animals at any given time) as well as several special animals’ stories.  I have such a respect for this woman. She relies on donations and volunteers to stay afloat so check out the website at

It’s very interesting that I came across this book, too, considering we are caring for a little kitten we found who just lost his eye and we (I) have collect 3 other kittens (now cats) over the last year. I say collect, but each one quite literally found their way to me. One that I picked up in the middle of a road after his owners threw him out at a car wash, has cataracts but has finally gotten over the emotional trauma that used to make him pull his hair out. Wylie is the black and white one, Gregory is the gray one. He showed up in front of the garage one day as a baby kitten. The vet said he was the poster kitten for sickness, but after much medicine and TLC, he recovered. He lost his voice in the process though. But first there was Socks. She was crying a horrible cry behind a tree across the road from my house. She is a beautiful “tuxedo” cat who lived with us for about a year, before she got lost while staying with a friend while we went to Florida. This was so terrible and sad and we had thought she was gone for good, when a little miracle happened and the same person who lost her, found her sitting in a graveyard behind her house 2 1/2 months later. Unbelievable in so many ways. She is back at home with us now. So tiny Shogun was found 2 weeks ago and nursed back to health, but sadly lost an eye. I will post a pic when he is fully recovered. So many animals for me to miss when I leave Arkansas. That’s definitely a con. The dogs loved that I sat outside with them today…Lucky (also crazy because that’s the name of the book I read!) and her kids, Brooklyn and Phantom. This is Brooklyn at my feet. It’s not ladylike, but it’s pretty cute.

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