Happy New Year Ya’ll. What’s in it for you?

I was asked the other day what I wanted for myself in 2014. I thought briefly and said, to be happy, blissful and show love. I don’t think I was quite taken seriously by this particular crowd, but as I thought more about it later, what else is there? I want to continue to be blissfully happy, (remember we have all we need within us already!). I want to show love to people–that could be through smiling at strangers, showing all people respect or through teaching yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, & meditation. I want to have a healthy body that allows me to have many adventures but the number on the scale is not what I’m concerned about. I want to tread lightly on the earth (treating it with respect), having the lowest carbon footprint that I can. And that’s all there is for me. That’s what’s most important. If I live my life by these goals and guidelines, everything else will fall into place! And I don’t have to spend a minute wasting time worrying about it or planning for it.

This is truly feels like the best kept secret. So now you know! Live your life based on love and all things will come to you in their perfect time. As Jesus said, Love they neighbor as thyself and also faith, hope and love remain, but the greatest of these is love! John Lennon said love is all you need. And Guru Mayi says everything happens for the best. Combine all these together and know–live your life, lead in love and all things will come to you in their perfect time for the best. Sometimes people have a hard time believing that everything happens for the best, especially in light of tragedy and sadness, but it’s true. It is only our limited perspective that makes it challenging to see/believe sometimes.

So remember, set some nice New Year’s Intentions that truly benefit yourself and the world around you. Be kind to your body and be healthy, show love and respect to all those around you and the earth on which we live. You will be opening the door to a million blessings and a full, rich life.

Namaste’ and here’s to 2014,


PS. Bonus Points if you want good things to happen to other people. Never resenting others’ material gains, relationships, careers, etc. When you truly want good for others, good will come to you in the right time. The more you resent, the farther you push the good stuff away.

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