My first thoughts on “A Course in Miracles” (You do not have to be reading the book to read this post!)

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This past week a small groups of friends and I began the journey of reading the book A Course In Miracles. This will most likely take over a year! This is a book of Christian origin that was divinely dictated to a professor in the 1970’s. (It is controversial to many close minded individuals). To … Continue reading

Count your blessings! (Plus…making your own sauerkraut!)

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I not gonna lie…this week has been pretty amazing. About a week ago I had a private dance party with myself while watching (and singing along with) one of my favorite bands, NO DOUBT, when they were on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was awesome. “You got me feeling hella good so I’m gonna keep … Continue reading

Birthday Hullabaloo

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So I’m 30. I guess it’s no big secret, but I feel like such a scandalous southern woman admitting this so freely. Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics (whom I very much respect) once said, “I never tell my age. Why should I? I believe that a woman who will tell her age, … Continue reading

It’s the perfect time for canning tomatoes.

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Ahhh summer. The time of endless fresh vegetables and farmers markets. This is the perfect time to take advantage of fresh local delicious tomatoes! The Heirloom varieties are my favorite. Always jump at the chance to get some Cherokee Purples, Yellow Valencias, Brandy Wine, German Stripe, Ananas Noire, Early Girls, or Arkansas Travelers. As a … Continue reading

My first “Trance Dance” Experience…it was magical.

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Last weekend I attended one day of the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC before I headed back home to Arkansas. I did a all day intensive course with the owners of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life. I learned a lot and did my first handstands with a little bit of assistance. I am … Continue reading

How Do We Stop Consuming in a Disposable Society?

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Right now the economy is in a very slow recovery stage. Most people are pissed about it. Lots of politics and blame being thrown around. Lots of upset over the lack of job growth and the unemployment rate. It hard for some people to see the big picture of the huge shift that needs to … Continue reading