MoMa and other adventures of my first week back in the city…

So I’ve been adjusting to the big city and everything has been just fine. (Why do there have to be so many stairs in NYC though?) I guess the main thing is remembering and adjusting to train travel. (It takes a LONG time to get anywhere. I mean, leave your house at least an hour or more early.) My body is SO sore and tired although I am trying to combat that with yoga. Not through my certification class though–last week all we did was sit for 3 days and talk. We will get to moving more this weekend and I am supposed to take 3 classes/per week on my own. Friday we took a field trip down to South Street Seaport, (which is a really fun area, I highly recommend traveling down to if you’ve never been) to the Bodies exhibit. This was my third time to see it, but it is so great that I didn’t mind going again. If this exhibit ever comes near you–GO! I would love to show pics but you are not allowed to take photos out of respect. These are from the lobby when I was there are few years ago.

So it is all these bodies that have been preserved in a new way – almost literally rubberized. So it’s divided up into rooms by systems of the body, ie. skeletal system room, muscular system room, digestive system room, etc. and it is fascinating.  If you keep from being squeamish then you can learn so much. They have the bodies out freestanding and posed so you can start to see how muscles are actually working in different positions and what’s connected to what and where the nerves are in relation. There is also a room for that shows all the different stages of fetal development. Did you know that for 30 minutes after conception we all lived as a single cell organism?! It was awesome (again). These are all unclaimed bodies from China that have now been used for science, in case you were wondering.

Moving on…MoMa. My best friend took me and got me in for the super sweet price of $5 because he is a member (ooooooo). I will try to be picky here as I post photos but I took a bunch. Also you get an inside view of the special exhibit (which was de Kooning) because apparently that is the only floor you on which you are not allowed to take photos, but I didn’t know that, so I took them until I got caught. Lucky you!

This pic is Kyle. (I do not condone drinking the beverage he is holding.) This is a statue from the garden. It’s amazing how you can see the weight of her and how she seems to be caught right in the moment before falling in the water.

These first three are de Kooning’s special exhibit.

Andrew Wyethe Christina’s World

Amedeo Modigliani

Anna Zborowska

Paul Klee

Cat and Bird

Lee Bontecou


Pablo Picasso

Seated Bather

Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory


I Still Use Brushes

Jackson Pollock

Isn’t it amazing to think he actually discovered/ invented the paint splatter?!

Alberto Giocometti

The Chariot

This one on the left is Marcel Duchamp’s To Be Looked At (from the other side of the glass), with one eye, close to, for almost an hour. Isn’t that a remarkable title? It amazing how 3D this looks!  Then Kyle took me out for a belated Birthday dinner in Hell’s Kitchen at a yummy Mexican Restaurant El Centro. These are my vegetarian tacos and mexican corn on the cob. Hummm….this Mexican food looks so different from the kind I’m used to in Arkansas. As in, I seem to be able to identify the substances on my plate–it’s not just one massive plate of melted cheese! Ha. Ok peace out…more NYC citygal posts to come ASAP.

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